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W E   A L L   F A L L   U P.

October: Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont, Maryland, Washington D.C., North Carolina

November: Virginia, Tennessee, Missouri, Nebraska, Colorado

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All the King's Horses in Clover

Raising Up - a song from, The Long Walk album (out 2020)

WuMF.  Short Bio.

Wes Urbaniak and the Mountain Folk are an amphipathic resin that stabilizes the emulsions created from genre mixing. That’s a mouthful, right? One part fairytale and two parts science – this mixture defines the band both in songwriting as well as in presentation. The songs twist and contort themselves around conscious themes and common experiences of the most lived-in journey in a way best described as: a new way to say the same thing. Even the instruments Urbaniak builds do this. They play the same notes, but the instruments fantastically wear different clothes and allude to having a deeper sense of spirit. The whole matter is science pushed through the pinholes of art.


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