Well, this is what I heard?

The madness of uncertainty

It’s definitely been a haul since I’ve sat down and pecked out some keys.  I have been spending most of my time with my band, WatR – Wesley and the Revolving, and my guitar company that I’m trying to get to float.  These things are challenging, but in the best ways.  That old and goodly phrase exists always – find out what you’re made of.  Certainly will.  We will always be tested, that is certain.  Just measure well against the query and the response will fit.  *My independent music is going to shift largely over to cello and keys.  Music that we create doesn’t have to be linear.  I’m definitely ready to work on some of the things that I haven’t been able to for the sake of fair representation of currency.  My currency as a musician relied heavily within the genre and identity of the writing.  Although, I cannot escape the way I write, I will fill in the genre differently and without the heavy use of guitars as my functional backing.  Hope all is well, and if it is not, that you are driving yourself up and out until all is well again.  Cheers.
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