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Static Man and the Prophets Disease.

Static Man and the Prophets Disease Out now on iTunes and all other major outlets – amazon, google play, Spotify, etcetera. The time of the wrench has come.  One deep breath and one shaky step begin this journey from being consumed with the madness of others to being consumed with the outcomes of silent innovation and the creating that which binds us to fulfillment.  The Static Man’s charge is as follows – “Your single-threaded reality considered now thoughtfully.  Those thoughts you’ve been thinking and those dreams you’ve been scheming – afraid to act accordingly : afraid of what the others think.  You know what you want but you’re afraid of the response. What are we making when in the people we are breaking their spirits apart to please our own hearts?  Oh, I wonder why we’re scared?”  Charge also as follows, “While in a group of like believers we become the keepers of the truth…Now, I’ll believe in you but I’ll be leaving you to settle in your vices to become the most righteous in your own head.”  Be careful who you are surrounding yourself with.  You just might find that you are creating the reality by which you’re governed. Today...

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