If it's never good enough, it will never be good enough close ×


When we forget to notice that which binds us all together, we turn hard against a frail thing.  When a heart hurts it takes.  When a heart loves it gives.  This giving and taking should come from the same place. “She asks him if he’s real.  He blinks twice, and says ‘oh, how do I feel.’  Most people think that when you’re super you’re better.  But, I’m no better than you.”  Having an incredible memory has an almost tragically beautiful balance.  Our memories don’t just give us images.  They give us smells, and sounds, and feelings.  They are almost as real as when it was in real time. Whatever the crap that means.  Sometimes our memories serve us well; other times, it is burdensome and crippling.  Wise then at the least to make good passage in our lives.  My ripples and yours.  Good journey.

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