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One Machine.  One must shine.  One is shining.  There is a steady and firm line drawn between most realities.  I’ve finally arrived at a place much more light and far away from what was dark and belonged to madness.  I’m finally ready to get these songs out of me…out of my head…away from the strings of my instruments…apart from the space they have grown in…they have grown in me like trees.  The ‘D’ Album is special, and I think a little tossed to the fire.  It is a chronicle of the nightmares of Divorce – not all of course, but many.  I simply cannot escape the songwriting, so whatever toxins existed during the unintentional writing of this album, they were left in.  It is cruel and cold, it exposes manipulations and controls, it is honest and shows full face.  I am not going to complete this album for fans…it’s not for them.  It’s for anyone that needs the words to say, “Everything is going to be ok”.

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