If it's never good enough, it will never be good enough close ×


What beautiful things the memories of our minds can carry.?.?  Scars of both kinds, the good, the bad, are deserving credit for life lived.  Finding that being in love with brilliance of self belonging to whole we find some of the most beautiful madness is available to us all.  If your investment becomes bankrupt, heal the wound, reinvest.  Create community, love thy community, grow the community.

So many things are realigned here again.  In a space where one could get stuck, it is possible to see where one could rejoice in the absurdity of it all, but given a good long hard and sometimes difficult look, it is possible to see why and thence rejoice.  We are were we are, and so long as we are willing we are then able.

With that in ear, there is so much music happening.  I am going to catch up so very soon.  Much Love



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