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The Maker

I am a creator – A builder; a fixer; an inventor; a follow-no-other pather; an independent anti-classical thinking functionalist; and this list goes on ad infinitum.  Occasionally, I am attacked for being just this person that I am.  This is good.  It means something.  It means I’m doing something that isn’t being understood by the person attacking me and if it is believed that it is understood then the certainty by which I’m attacked reveals much about the attacker.  If you exist with the illusion that there is only certainty and no illusion, you then have come to know too much about nothingness.  Good work, Human.  Good work, indeed.  If you are reading this – or rather, have read this – then for today, give up the illusion.  It’ll let your mind and your heart and your understanding grow beyond measure.

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