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W E   A L L   F A L L   U P.

October: Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont, Maryland, Washington D.C., North Carolina

November: Virginia, Tennessee, Missouri, Nebraska, Colorado

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All the King's Horses in Clover

"Shade" in the Ficus Tree

WuMF.  Short Bio.

Wes Urbaniak and the Mountain Folk are an amphipathic resin that stabilizes the emulsions created from genre mixing. That’s a mouthful, right? One part fairytale and two parts science – this mixture defines the band both in songwriting as well as in presentation. The songs twist and contort themselves around conscious themes and common experiences of the most lived-in journey in a way best described as: a new way to say the same thing. Even the instruments Urbaniak builds do this. They play the same notes, but the instruments fantastically wear different clothes and allude to having a deeper sense of spirit. The whole matter is science pushed through the pinholes of art.


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