~A Static Man with a rebel heart and the nobel cause – Paused and lost as the frostbitten words came on – Now a relic of his own time, a victim of his own crime – the madness in his head will never let him forget – ‘Delirium ad Infinitum exists inside him~


Fairytale Scientist:

Hello, my name is Wes Urbaniak and this is my sketch up.  Hmmm, given all the possibility and freedom to group these beautiful words as I see fit and still I’m consumed with the unknowing of what I want them to look like in your head.  The answer of the great ‘who is/are/am I’ is much on the simple of it I suppose….I’m a complexity of simple matters.

After a couple of years of what I think might be called, the Molding of a Man, I am much the same, but certainly much more the different.  I’m now heavily worn, my hope is pale and muted, my tressel is drawn up tight and creaking, my heart doesn’t know the way, and yet, something in my spirit still ticks the rhythms of time, measure, and motion.  So, it is onward that I go.  ‘It’s good for our souls to forgive those who trespass against us, and we grow as we go, so I’ll go, so I’ll go’.

I stepped awkwardly into bravery last year and reaped the long standing fields I had so eagerly sewed as a young adult.  To deal with the brutality of my divorce on my very being and at the same time to deal with all my ‘artist’s resentment’, I fumbled my way through a hollow of music that is now The Divorce Album – Monsters in us All.  I did everything I wanted to do and left all of it there.  Right there.  All of the madness that whirred like old gears in my head was left, and all the ideas I wanted desperately to have in a grip were also left. It was bare and bear, by and by, and so it went, and so it goes…

There is a new album on the turns right now for me individually, as there is also one coming from my band, Wesley and the Revolving – WatR for short.  It moves away quickly and directly from the compressions of the prior albums and into something I don’t wish to care about, but I do concern myself with.  The message is this – put down your fists, pick up your wrench, and go create the outcome you seek.  Quit waiting for someone else to do it for you!  Note to self: quit waiting for someone else to do it for you…

If you have time and you’ve made it this far, might as well just keep on going…I’m also a luthier and I build and have built some awesome instruments – well, and a crap ton of other things, too. My website is the ‘KnottyWoodGuitar Co’ found in the links.  Yeah, check it out!  Also, check out my band, Wesley and the Revolving! Or, WatR, for short.  Cheers