~The Elephant, the Owl, the Bear, the Hippo, and the Fish~

~The change in Me is the Change in You~




Appreciation for that younger self that made this older me isn’t always accessible or at all on the inside of my thinking sphere.  I see him in several ways and I’m never sure which him I’m seeing.  Sometimes it’s the me that’s in between the two selfs that I have an appreciation for.  Maybe even a sense of hope.  The time has passed but the thoughts of that person that I was not only had plans and intentions for this me that I am now, but for the me I’m going to become.  It’s my journey to line all those me’s up in proper order, form, and accomplishments.  So again, thanks younger me for taking on the waves of good and bad so that I might be here.  The Change in Me is the Change in You.

I’m driven by what I can become.  This drive then extends itself to two different you’s.  One you is the me that I will become.  The future Self.  Getting there by Self work.  Self growth.  Hope for the Self.  That Self that I want to be created by the discipline and efforts of who I am.  The other is the you right now, and the you that you will become.  If there is a you that you wish to become, there is a path to get there.  That is your path, but the tools are like the hammer and the saw, and each person can take upon those tools that will work their person into refinement.  It is not easy.  It’s not free; sometimes that cost of staying becomes more than that cost of changing.

I am part of the human experience and the connected consciousness just like you.