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Hypocrisy is a woven into everything that is here.  *Is it not the very thing itself?  It is the question that, if approached with blunt force honesty, never comes out of the fray without itself being frayed.  And the Adelphos, those brothers in the womb, love and hate, are always walking the edge.  Each one walking so close to the other that they can look to be on the same side.

Take up the actions of awareness and we are forced to become accountable for the self.

Wes Urbaniak does the next level move with these albums by constructing yet another layer upon the content of the previous concept albums.  All the albums so far have journaled the passage of a person in a boat upon the sea of everything else.  Life, it’s tragedies and the inherent link of the blessings that come from living it, are brought to shore.  They bring it to the Long Walk.

Urbaniak also built all the stringed instruments, wrote, and performed all the parts of this album on them.  The story, the songwriting, the organization, the production, and the recording was all done independently.  The level of involvement didn’t stop there.  The Hippo was drawn with his Wife’s hand, and then was edited by Urbaniak until it was brought to the resolution of its purpose.


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