Breweries represent a different kind of community gathering place. There is a focus on quality in the craft of brewing beers, and often kombucha or soda, too, and a focus on the presentation of the brewery itself. Breweries have become connection hubs all across our state, and give us a different kind of place to go to find our smiles, hear music, or enjoy quality beers.

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Beaver Creek Brewing – Wibaux, MT – May 4th, 2019

            Here we are at our first show of the Montana May Pint.o’ Beer Run.  Something we wanted to add as part of this run were the stories told about the breweries, and the stories told in the breweries.  We’re sitting in the Gem theatre that was a building next to the brewery that was in pretty rough shape when they acquired it.  Lot’s of hard work brought about a beautiful place in Wibaux.  Jim Devine has stories for days and we couldn’t be more grateful to have shared a pint and a chat with him.  

Cloud watching for adults.  

It’s a thing.  For several years I’ve been photographing beers from above.  The foam in the beer has very much become a fun game of cloud watching for several of us.  It’s fantastic.  Now, to give a review of the beer at the Beaver Creek Brewery – it’s not weird.  That’s something they really care about.  Not making weird beer.  The beer is definitely not that.  The IPA is everything you’d expect to taste in an IPA without any of the fad implementations.  It ends on a nice note, too.  Many of the IPA’s have started to have a syrupy mouth feel finish – this does not.  It is hoppy, but not egregiously hopped.  The first taste is crisp and short with a long middle.  As it finally gets to the end it finishes well.  There is a little bit of lingering tang on the back of the tongue, but it’s good and expected.  

They also have a root beer – We’ll let Mat discuss that…

Cloud watching for adults

A look down the throat of an IPA