Motion is ...

The Novel: Hippo + Crate

Chapter 1:

Come to Confess


We are always changing and growing or settling and dying. Sometimes, to become what we want, we must allow parts of the self that restrict the gesture to rust and fall away from our cycles. I’ve Come to Confess is a song about uprooting, killing off, and the flushing out of the old self that is the young self.

Chapter 2:

I Am I

This one is pulling the transitional threads tight enough to pluck. Yeah, not sure what that means either except for the ‘transitional’ part. The comedic plunges are entangled deeply and we thought it best to lighten things up a little and without the use of cynicism which has become the sticky backing of language tape everywhere. Message here is: we can be anything we think ourselves to be, and getting confused along the way is a happy normal.

Chapter 3:

The Fear Machine

Oh Fear Machine, what has been done? The mindless debate has become the king of the boards and the self-blinding of both eyes, and the fingers, if not being used to point or bound into fists, are being used to stop up the ear canals. Our discernment has been replaced with predetermined certainties, and our mouths are very much like guns now; used to shoot down anyone who doesn’t agree with us. The love we speak and the one we show is not the same, but, somehow, everyone who is fighting is on the good side fighting.

Chapter 8:

Young Human

A heavy dose of internal conflict arises if we take the time to process many of the current debates at their roots. At times, these debates struggle on the path toward resolution and we begin to fill our baggage with conflict and fear. A cycle. A loop. A redundant marker in the passage of life’s time. This recurring theme of: If you’re not with us you’re against us – is a problematic trap of self-righteousness and not a suggestion of intellectual depth or ability to understand. So the answer: I’m not with you or against stands as a simple warrant meaning: No, I don’t believe in the answer being given, but yes, I believe that there is an answer to the shared problems.