Not all stories are retold as they originally unfolded,

but some were told anyway.


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Archived New Years Show Live


The New Year’s Eve show has been archived (with much thanks to Frank James) and can be heard here.  This is Mat Regele’s first show as part of the trio.  We also had a surprise guest, Matt Rogers, sit in with some guitar work.

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Music Ranch Radio interview


Turning up the ‘this is where I’m going’ volume in this interview with Music Ranch Radio.  “A mind full of madness – the good kind – Urbaniak is as most songwriters are appropriating the use of songs as the outlet of the internal struggle…”  Really enjoyed hanging with Jimmy Kujala and way grateful for the seat and the air time.

Have you chanced upon those encounters, either set deliberately or upon happenstance, in which the acts align upon themselves and you find where you need to be? Such was the case with Dirk at Montana Homegrown Radio. The interview is available at

“Terrific hooks and riffs abound in Huntley luthier and singer/songwriter’s latest album.”

A sweet writeup about the Adelphos album that is a conclusion of the story “A boat upon the sea of everything else”.  Mariss Tucker really made some words flow on this one, and it does such a great job detailing the story and the work done (the music) to tell the story. Read it here:

“He is an inventor, a musician, composer, and music producer. Call him the Renaissance Man of Billings.”

An article describing the Urbaniak Instruments, processes, and all the details that one would find in the shop. While the downtown Billings space relocated to Huntley, MT, the spirit is much the same. Read the story here: Music Man: Finding magic in cast-off junk.

Designing and creating instruments is integral to Urbaniak’s process. His music and music boxes follow along the same roads of experimentation and fairy-tale science in their creation. The Not Pear -003- is built of such. Read more about it at


The Change in Me = The Change in You Tour

Live From Studio A

The trio had an opportunity to sit down in Duluth’s KUMD 103.3 studio to discuss the tour and the instruments and to play a few jams.

A Trip with Penny Lane

Penny Lane sat down with the trio in the Giant FM WSVX studio and cast around about a few topics: stories, those musical instruments, and the song “Talking With the Stars”.

In the Moment

Wes Urbaniak explains how he and his band have dodged some of the worst weather this winter as they’re on tour in the almost 20 year old, 15-passenger “Buffalophus.”