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Stitch my heart – I must go again; stitch my mind up please – I must go again; stitch my hope back together, too – I must go again; stitch my will and my spirit once more – for I will be going again.  Why?  Because, I am still here, Mountain.” -Wes Urbaniak

Long Walker. Luthier. Author. Revealer.


Wes Urbaniak and the Mountain Folk come from the in-between of the badlands and the vertical terrains of Montana.  Their sound is a distinctly branded Montana mountain folk sound, and it does well in capturing the various landscapes in melody and approach.  Sometimes we need to say the same thing, but in a different way.  This connects us in our joys and sadnesses by attaching our own threads to the fabric of words.  This is what this music does…

These fellas are an amphipathic resin that stabilize the emulsions created from genre mixing. That’s a mouthful, right? One part fairytale and two parts science – this mixture defines the band both in songwriting as well as in presentation. The songs twist and contort themselves around conscious themes and common experiences of the most lived-in journey in a way best described as: a new way to say the same thing. Even the instruments Urbaniak builds do this. They play the same notes, but the instruments fantastically wear different clothes and allude to having a deeper sense of spirit. The whole matter is science pushed through the pinholes of art.

Urbaniak is a singing, beatboxing stomper, with some mean guitar skills who is backed up by the harmonies of Mat Regele (upright bass), and A.J. Sheble (4- and 8-string ukulele). These guys make it do what it do on the strings, plus, they’ve been playing all this music on custom Montana-made instruments from Urbaniak’s shop.  Nothing quite like it anywhere, and no better place for it to have come from.

The Mountain Folk are playing music from 6 of Urbaniak’s albums and are building inroads right now to record a new live album before fall sets in.  Urbaniak is award winning in several music categories, and together with the Mountain Folk, they are putting it down steady to produce great music. 

Wes Urbaniak and the Mountain Folk

   mountain folk – the genre.

Mountain Folk isn’t just mixed genres rooted in folk; it’s more than that.  It’s more than that because all the songs fit into the same genre paradigm.  Mountain Folk is a genre.  It’s a genre that is full of hard stops, absolute dynamics, and mauling measures of lyrical flow.  It is, at times, suffering from split-song personality, but so beautifully done that it’s maddened poetry.  It is fierce when it must be, and kind when it is needed.


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Wes Urbaniak and the Mountain Folk

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