“I’m a thinker – I’m also a builder – and a revealer of possibility. What’s special is found in the relationship of the two as they converge. Stitch my heart, man – I must go again. Stitch my mind up, please – I must go again. Stitch my hope back together, sir – I must go agin. Stitch my will and my spirit, ma’am – for I will be going again. ‘Here I Go’.” -Wes Urbaniak



*Urbaniak’s experimental expressionism puts fire to the gasoline structure of folk music. As his songwriting began to develop and his content deepen, the pursuit for the absolute dynamic of the solo musician in real time rose up, and what was learned was continually reinvested into his artistry. His songwriting  is a quilting of life lived, lessons learned, humility sought, and understanding earned through the processes of becoming a steady and thoughtful man.

Now, Urbaniak works the range on the acoustic guitar, often times playing both rhythm and melodic lead, while singing and putting it down on the stomp board.  But, he wanted even more dynamic. In order to develop this more whole and full sound, Urbaniak enlisted the skill sets of David Banuelos,  bass/guitar/harmonies, and Mat Regele, 8-string ukulele/upright bass/harmonies. They are the Mountain Folk that bring up the steady, the harmony, and  the melody behind Urbaniak.

This year, they are set to tour nationally upon the back of Urbaniak’s eighth and ninth albums while plugging the setlist with favorites songs from the previous albums and new unreleased material.


Lightbox Music Sessions: Governed by Tides



Wes Urbaniak, fairy-tale scientist, calls upon all that he has learned and will learn to pursue his musical goals. As a man who builds what he needs, he has a full-range of skills and knowledge. Many titles befit him: singer-songwriter, string-player, videographer, sound engineer, producer, and luthier, but they are as elusive a fit as defining his genre. He could be described as Alt-indie folk, but he ties in elements from a variety of influences to choreograph his sound to his message. Adding in his custom stomp-plate, beatboxing, and signature pauses and breaks, Urbaniak’s sound twists and turns throughout his lyrics. This culminates in the genre “Mountain Folk”. 


Wes Urbaniak Biography – Long


Wes Urbaniak: Come to Confess

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